Sarah Wayne Callies Reveals Shocking Incident on ‘Prison Break’ Set

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Sarah Wayne Callies Reveals:  During an episode of Rachel Bilson’s podcast, “Broad Ideas,” Sarah Wayne Callies discussed her time on the Fox drama “Prison Break,” which ran from 2005 to 2009 and was resurrected in 2017. Callies opened up about the difficulties she encountered while working on the show, including what she called “rampant misogyny.” This included instances of unequal pay, dismissive attitudes towards her ideas, and a general lack of respect for her as a woman in the industry.

 Callies spoke about how she and co-star Paul Adelstein’s new rewatch podcast, “Prison Breaking with Sarah and Paul,” enabled her to reflect on her time on Prison Break, the good and the bad, during the podcast, which Bilson and Olivia Allen hosted. At first, she found it difficult to return to the show because of the poisonous environment she encountered while filming.

 Callies was grateful for the opportunities her breakout role gave her, despite the many hurdles she faced on set as the only female actor. She spoke highly of the profound impact of looking back on her life’s events and how they shaped her, providing her with new insights over the years. Her reflections offer a unique perspective that can enlighten her audience.

Dominic Purcell and Callies appear in the 2017 revival of “Prison Break.” Callies revealed there was plenty of behind-the-scenes tension during the show’s original run from 2005 to 2009.FOX VIA GETTY IMAGES

 Callies addressed the tensions that existed behind the scenes by revealing confrontations, such as an incident where another actor spat in her face. This highlighted the challenging environment she had to negotiate while filming. Showcasing the intricacies of achieving success in the entertainment world, she acknowledged the people who had supported her and hinted at additional tension on set, including instances of verbal abuse and attempts to undermine her work.

 Callies, in considering her reservations about seeing “Prison Break” again, acknowledged that she was worried about reliving traumatic experiences and casting doubt on the treatment she received. These reservations were fueled by the fear of revisiting a time of her life that was marked by emotional and professional turmoil. But by looking on the bright side, she found comfort in the friendships she made and other great experiences.

 Callies utilizes her newly launched rewatch podcast, ‘Prison Breaking,’ as a platform to reflect on and discuss her experiences with the show. By sharing her experiences as an actress and the lessons she’s learned through open conversations and introspection, she invites her audience to be a part of her journey.

 Ultimately, Sarah Wayne Callies’ open and honest account not only sheds light on the difficulties she encountered on the set of Prison Break, but also underscores her remarkable resilience. Her story is a testament to the significance of self-reflection and development in overcoming obstacles in the entertainment business. Her podcast demonstrates that she has persevered and is determined to regain control of her story.

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