Sacha Baron Cohen Responds To Rebel Wilson’s Disturbing Claims Of Sexual Harassment

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Sacha Baron Cohen Responds To Rebel Wilson’s: In her forthcoming biography, Rebel Wilson makes accusations against Sacha Baron Cohen, which the actor has denied, calling the claims “demonstrably false.”

On April 2, Wilson will release her memoir “Rebel Rising,” which includes a chapter about a “massive asshole” she met during her career.

Sacha Baron Cohen Responds To Rebel Wilson’s

Over the weekend, Wilson claimed in an Instagram story that the person in question was Sacha Baron Cohen, mentioning their work together on the 2016 spy comedy “The Brothers Grimsby,” which Cohen co-wrote. According to Wilson, Cohen’s public relations and legal teams are trying to blackmail her in the days leading up to the book’s release.

In response to the accusations, Cohen told Deadline on Monday that there is substantial evidence contradicting Wilson’s claims. This evidence includes documents from the time, film footage, and the testimony of people who were involved in making “The Brothers Grimsby.”

Wilson has been mum on the facts of her chapter on Cohen, but it will probably revolve around an earlier sexual harassment accusation she lodged against him in 2014.

Cohen allegedly forced Wilson to do an unscripted sexual act while recording, as Wilson had previously described. She went on to say that the request made her feel uneasy, and she came clean about the event during the #MeToo movement, but she didn’t mention Cohen by name.

Wilson described the uncomfortable experience of being urged to participate in inappropriate activity by a powerful male actor in her 2017 story. When she reported the event, the star’s representative threatened her.

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