Ronny Chieng Identifies Areas of ‘Real Peril’ for Putin Prior to Russian Election

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Ronny Chieng Identifies: In the forthcoming Russian election—in which Putin is generally expected to secure a fifth term—”The Daily Show” lent credence to Putin’s forecast of “valued and meaningful” votes.

Putin is “all but guaranteed” to win the upcoming presidential election, which is scheduled to take place from Friday to Sunday, because the majority of his opponents are either “dead, jailed, exiled, barred from running or simply token figures,” as pointed out by CNN.

On Thursday’s episode, guest host Michael Kosta asked reporter Ronny Chieng to analyze a “tight race” in which Putin was clearly in the lead.

“The red areas are where Putin is winning so far,” Chieng remarked, pointing to a map of Russia that was mostly highlighted in red.

“Women inside larger women inside larger women, dead people, farmers, and dead people with college degrees are all on his side,” she said.

Before Chieng declined, Kosta asked whether the “DemocRusski 2024” crew could simply “call the race” for Putin.

Now, I don’t want us to jump the gun, OK. “Look at this area just outside of Moscow,” Chieng added, pointing to a region where Putin received 99% of the vote and “others” received only 1%.

“Will have to keep an eye on that as the night goes on because he’s really close to dropping below 99% in this area.”

Kosta said, “Ronny, I think that 1% just went down to 0%” following an update to the findings.

Wow, it worked! Putin pulled off a remarkable comeback. “As I mentioned before, anything can happen,” Chieng joked.

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