Robert Downey Jr. Finds Upside To His ‘Terrible Childhood’ While Celebrating Oscar Win

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Celebrating Oscar Win: While accepting the esteemed Best Supporting Actor prize at last Sunday’s Oscars event, Robert Downey Jr. spoke movingly about his difficult childhood.

The breakout star of “Oppenheimer” injected some dark humor into his remarks, smirking as he said, “I owe a debt of gratitude to my tumultuous childhood, followed closely by my appreciation for the Academy.”

He made a humorous comparison, calling his wife Susan Downey his “rescuer” after he compared himself to a stray dog. “She found me as a snarling rescue pet, and through her love, she nursed me back to life,” said he. “That is the reason I am here today. My sincere appreciation.

Presented by Patrick T. Fallon via Getty Images, Robert Downey Jr.’s role in “Oppenheimer” earned him the esteemed Best Actor in a Supporting Role award.

Downey Jr. revealed a personal secret, saying, “Here’s a little secret – I needed this role more than it needed me,” while praising the contributions of director Christopher Nolan and writing partner Emma Thomas. Chris saw it, and Emma made sure that Blunt, Cillian, Emily, and Matt Damon were all part of an amazing crew and cast.

“I stand before you today as a better individual because of this experience,” Downey Jr. said, reflecting on the significant influence of his work. The tales we pick to convey have impact, and our work has purpose.

Despite Downey Jr.’s early lead, he was up against some very talented actors—Robert De Niro for “Killers of the Flower Moon,” Mark Ruffalo for “Poor Things,” Sterling K. Brown for “American Fiction,” and Ryan Gosling for “Barbie.”

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