Response from Wheelchair-Bound Madonna Fan After Singer’s Rebuke for Sitting at Concert

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Response from Wheelchair-Bound Madonna: In a recent interview with TMZ, wheelchair user Vanessa Gorman broke her silence over the recent Madonna incident that went viral. Gorman made it clear that she had no animosity against Madonna after being called out by the music queen for taking a seat during one of her performances. Rather, she blamed the situation on a miscommunication, stressing that Madonna probably was unaware that her 1999 car accident had left her disabled.

Response from Wheelchair-Bound Madonna

In a wheelchair bright pink, Gorman sat close to the stage and said he was surprised Madonna hadn’t noticed her earlier. Gorman remained upbeat during the uncomfortable moment that was documented on social media, yelling her admiration for the artist and taking in the remainder of the performance at Vancouver, Canada’s Rogers Arena.

The pop queen eventually apologized, admitting the error over the microphone and thanking Gorman for coming to the concert after Madonna had initially questioned why she was sitting down.

Even while Madonna’s encounter with Gorman attracted notice, it wasn’t her only gaffe during the Celebration tour. Madonna’s estate recently blasted the singer for inadvertently included the late R&B artist in an AIDS tribute during her rendition of “Live to Tell.” Vandross was mistakenly included in the memorial; he passed away in 2005 following complications from a stroke. At the request of Vandross’s estate, Madonna swiftly took him out of the section.

Madonna’s representatives have not yet replied to questions from the media about these instances.

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