Reba McEntire Responds to Rumors of Calling Taylor Swift an ‘Entitled Little Brat

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Reba McEntire Responds to Rumors : Reba McEntire Explains False Reporting About Her Interaction with Taylor Swift

Reba McEntire Responds to Rumors

Reba McEntire is correcting the record on her purported criticism of Taylor Swift, which was the subject of some false reports recently. Following Swift’s national anthem performance during Super Bowl LVIII in February 2023, it was said that McEntire had called Swift “an entitled little brat”. Over the weekend, McEntire refuted these allegations on social media.’

Reba McEntire Responds to Rumors


The false allegation implied that McEntire was angry with Swift for allegedly disrespecting the occasion by laughing and drinking during her performance—it even misspelled her name. It quoted McEntire as saying, “I gave it to [Swift] afterward.” She is a spoiled young lady.

In response to the allegations, McEntire quickly shared a screenshot of the article on Instagram and cautioned her followers not to trust anything they read online. She made it clear that she did not say those things about Swift; rather, she complimented the pop sensation, describing her as a “strong role model” and “wonderful artist.”

Fans of McEntire rallied in support, upholding her morality and character. Numerous people drew attention to the accusations, pointing out how they went against Swift’s polite and sophisticated behavior during the show.

This is not the first time McEntire has backed Swift like this. Swift’s performance of “Tim McGraw” in front of McGraw himself thrilled McEntire, who had acknowledged Swift’s talent in an interview with NBC News’ TikTok. This was back in 2006. She praised Swift’s poise and foresaw her rise to fame.

McEntire’s explanation highlights the value of double-checking information before drawing hasty judgments and reaffirms her long-standing respect for Taylor Swift as a person and an artist.

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