Oscars’ In Memoriam Begins With A Political Figure Far From Hollywood

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Oscars’ In Memoriam Begins: Many people are very divided over Emily Blunt’s Oscars outfit.

Suspicion of photographic manipulation led to the removal of the first glimpse of Kate Middleton after surgery.

The daring nature of Jimmy Kimmel’s punch at Trump at the Oscars has garnered attention.

A new case against E. Jean Carroll may be orchestrated by Trump, according to a former DOJ officer.

Pictures taken backstage show just how brave John Cena was in his Oscars performance.

During Biden’s State of the Union address, a Democratic lawmaker checked Marjorie Taylor Greene’s claims in real time.

Among the few Oscar winners to mention Gaza in his victory speech, director Jonathan Glazer stands out.

Florence Pugh’s provocative Oscars gown had everyone talking.

With the help of Jen Psaki, a video featuring Sen. Quickly embracing MAGA doctrine was Katie Britt.

People are talking about John Cena’s unusual Oscar acceptance speech.

The Oscars get a little more hilarious thanks to Ryan Gosling’s standout performance.

Starting with a tribute to a someone from outside of Hollywood, the “In Memoriam” portion of the Oscars took an unexpected turn.

At the Oscars, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who died not long ago in a Russian prison, was honored among other late Hollywood icons like Harry Belafonte and Alan Arkin.

Resilience in the face of hardship is emphasized by Navalny’s strong remarks.

His unwavering opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin is recognized, showcasing the profundity of his beliefs.

The inclusion of Navalny in the Oscars’ tribute highlights the global significance of his activism.

In sum, the Oscars’ tribute is a timely reminder of the many different perspectives and experiences that impact our society on a daily basis, and not just in the entertainment industry.

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