Olivia Rodrigo’s Team Allegedly Reverses Stance on Offering Complimentary Contraceptives at Concerts

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Olivia Rodrigo’s Team Allegedly Reverses Stance: Several news agencies have reported this week that Olivia Rodrigo’s management has decided to prevent abortion advocacy groups from distributing emergency contraception during her dates on her Guts World Tour.

This action comes in response to a widely shared social media photo that showed a concertgoer in St. Louis, Missouri—a city notorious for its strict abortion laws—holding what seemed to be morning-after drugs. At first, Rodrigo’s fans were all for the distribution drive, but her management allegedly stepped in because they were worried about the number of kids attending the shows.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Team Allegedly Reverses Stance

This new direction was allegedly communicated to partners such as the National Network of Abortion Funds, who work with Rodrigo’s staff on her Fund 4 Good Initiative for reproductive rights. Although they were disappointed with the choice, the Missouri Abortion Fund emphasized the excellent reception they had when delivering supplies at Rodrigo’s St. Louis event.

Some conservatives, including state senator Bill Eigel, were outraged by the free birth control pills that were given out, with Eigel mistakenly calling the morning-after pill an abortion drug. At the same time, organizations like the Prairie Abortion Fund were upset that they weren’t able to share their resources with others, highlighting the need for easily accessible healthcare for young people.

The importance of teen access to emergency contraception and other forms of birth control was emphasized by representatives from pro-choice organizations, who also stressed that their cause is lawful in all 50 states.

This follows Rodrigo’s previous declaration that her Fund 4 Good Initiative will be collaborating with regional organizations that promote abortion rights. At her concerts, she will be making information available and donating a portion of the ticket proceeds to an effort that strives to overcome structural barriers to reproductive care.

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