Nicholas Galitzine Says He Feels ‘Guilt’ For Portraying Queer Characters

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Nicholas Galitzine Says : Actor Nicholas Galitzine, who has been in films like “Red, White & Royal Blue” and “Mary & George,” recently discussed his sexuality with British GQ. In spite of playing gay roles, Galitzine claimed, “I identify as a straight man.” He felt uncomfortable and occasionally guilty about potentially filling spaces designed for gay actors, and he admitted that he sometimes felt torn about performing LGBTQ+ characters because of his heterosexuality. “I am Nick, and I’m not my role.” He underscored that he perceives characters beyond their sexuality and drew a clear line between himself and the roles he plays.

Galitzine previously spoke about his affinity for LGBTQ+ roles in an interview with HuffPost UK, where he drew on his experiences growing up without seeing LGBTQ+ characters or stories portrayed. As an actor, he was interested in delving into such subtleties through his depictions, finding the fragility and the urge to disguise one’s actual nature appealing.

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