Singer Kehlani Responds To Being Body-Shamed On Social Media

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inger Kehlani Responds To Being Body-Shamed: In response to rumors that they had plastic surgery to get their toned abs, Kehlani has spoken out strongly against the idea.

Discussions broke out on X (formerly Twitter) when the singer flaunted their abs in a slew of Instagram photographs earlier this week, with fans questioning the authenticity of Kehlani’s sculpted abs.

Instagram became a new battleground when fans weighed in on Kehlani’s six-pack in a post that the entertainment website The Neighborhood Talk shared, showcasing the singer’s most recent photos.

Immediately responding to the allegations of stomach surgery, Kehlani wrote, “Ab etching is absolutely insane when I literally have posted in the gym every day for the past TWO YEARS and in the past months with an entire weighted vest on.”

Kehlani vented her outrage with the rumors of surgery on Instagram stories, where she addressed them further. While sharing a post from The Neighborhood Talk, they said, “I always wanted to work out so hard that the entire comments in a blog post are surgery accusations.” “I spoke about having breast implant illness YEARS ago and have never and WILL never get a fucking cosmetic surgery ever again in my entire life,” they asserted, making their opinion clear. in the past. My hard effort has paid off.

Kehlani reiterated their stance in a last Instagram story post, stressing the importance of respecting individual decisions when it comes to cosmetic surgeries. “Do whatever u want to ur bodies as long as it’s safe,” according to them.

Kehlani has continued to tease their new track, “After Hours,” on TikTok, despite the backlash. Their last album together was “Blue Water Road,” released in 2022, and it was a solo effort.

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