Shakira Shares The Surprise Reason She Isn’t A Fan Of ‘Barbie’ Movie

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Shakira Shares The Surprise Reason: In a 2023 interview, Shakira voiced her disapproval of the smash film “Barbie,” saying that it portrayed gender dynamics incorrectly. Milan and Sasha, the Colombian singer’s sons, found the film demeaning and didn’t like it, she said in an interview with Allure.

Shakira stressed the need to empower women while also making sure males don’t lose their masculinity or purpose. Pop culture, she argued, should highlight women’s strengths without minimizing men’s contributions.


The artist emphasized her support for gender equality, saying that men and women should each be able to contribute fully without sacrificing who they are.

When journalist Patricia Alfonso Tortolani reacted to Shakira’s remarks by asking if women should be solely responsible, Shakira argued that the responsibilities of both sexes should be shared.

Despite “Barbie”‘s” eight Oscar nominations, critical praise, and commercial success (with over $1 billion in global box office revenue), certain voices, like filmmaker Oliver Stone’s, criticized the film. Stone withdrew his criticisms on Ryan Gosling’s role in the film after seeing it and finding its ideas and concepts refreshing.

In sum, Shakira’s comments illuminate the perennial debates about the media’s portrayal of women and their ability to empower themselves.

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