Maren Morris Rallies Behind Beyoncé’s Country Music Remarks With 3 Fiery Words

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Maren Morris Rallies Behind Beyoncé’s : Beyoncé recently said that an incident where she felt uncomfortable in the genre inspired her upcoming country album, “Cowboy Carter,” and the renowned singer-songwriter, who is recognized for her roots in country music, recently voiced her support for the pop queen. The singer-songwriter remarked that this decision made her proud.

The experience was discussed by Beyoncé in an album promotional Instagram post, where she said, “And it was very clear that I wasn’t.” She went on to say that this meeting inspired her to learn more about country music’s past and get engrossed in its storied canon.


“Drag them, Queen,” Morris commented on Beyoncé’s tweet, joining the chorus of fans who are eagerly awaiting the March 29th release of “Cowboy Carter” in expressing their support.

Fans began to wonder if Beyoncé was alluding to her contentious 2016 CMA Awards performance with The Chicks of “Daddy Lessons” in her post. Some members of the country music community reacted racistly to the performance, despite the positive reviews.

By looking back on her own experiences, Beyoncé brought attention to the difficulties she had when she first entered the genre, highlighting her resolve to overcome these constraints. “This is not a country album,” she insisted. Beyoncé has released an album.

Morris has a history of speaking out against sexism, racism, and LGBTQ discrimination in the country music industry, among other topics. She spoke out against country singer Jason Aldean’s transphobic remarks made by his wife Brittany in 2022. Morris has also made it clear that she is leaving the industry due to its negative elements, something she has done more openly since the Trump administration took office.

Morris is hopeful about the genre’s potential for diversity, albeit acknowledging its negative qualities. She was very enthusiastic about Beyoncé’s foray into country music in a recent interview with E! News, praising the singer for returning the genre to its Black origins and making a daring statement.

Morris’ indefatigable backing of Beyoncé highlights her resolve to promote a country music scene that is more welcoming and diverse.

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