Kristen Stewart Blasts Hollywood Over ‘Phony’ Attempts To ‘Do Away With Patriarchy’

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Kristen Stewart Blasts Hollywood: Kristen Stewart recently took issue with Hollywood’s sexism in the film industry in a cover story for Porter magazine. As she prepares to make her directorial debut with “The Chronology of Water,” the “Love Lies Bleeding” actress has spoken out against what she perceives as industry tokenism.

Stewart bemoaned the trend of praising a handful of prominent female directors while ignoring systemic change. She said that while shows starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Margot Robbie that include female filmmakers get more attention, it doesn’t mean that there has been any real advancement.

She spoke highly of Gyllenhaal and Robbie, but said that the acting industry’s diversity efforts are hollow. Stewart stated that advancement will come to a standstill unless Hollywood takes bold action rather than merely praising itself for small victories.

“The Chronology of Water,” Stewart’s directorial project based on Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir, has her full support. She is committed to seeing it through to completion. She spoke clean about her dedication to the picture, saying she would leave the profession to see it through if it meant finishing it.

According to Stewart, the film delves into difficult topics including incest and the empowerment of women. She finds the challenge of the subject matter exhilarating. She went on to say that she needed a change of scenery and to escape the Hollywood system in order to achieve her full creative potential as a filmmaker, which is why she chose to film in Latvia.

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