John Oliver Lampoons Donald Trump’s Lack of Innovation on ‘Last Week Tonight

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John Oliver Lampoons Donald Trump:  On Sunday night’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver humorously criticized former President Trump’s strange fixation with the maize sector.

 As a master of satire, Oliver couldn’t resist pointing out the absurdity of American politicians’ behavior around maize, especially during campaigns to win over corn-growing towns. He cited examples of this corn-centric pandering, including the likes of Obama, Romney, and Bush, all of whom seemed to have a strange fascination with the crop.

 But Oliver didn’t stop at a mere critique, he unleashed a barrage of humor at Trump’s expense. Playing a clip from the former president’s January speech in New Hampshire, Oliver couldn’t contain his laughter as Trump announced his discovery of ‘non-liquid gold’ in Iowa, which turned out to be maize. Trump, in his typical self-satisfied manner, boasted about his ‘invention’ of rebranding the agricultural staple. Oliver’s response was a mix of surprise and amusement, as he playfully questioned the value of maize being compared to a precious metal.

 Oliver responded with a mix of surprise and laughter, casting doubt on Trump’s claim that maize is ‘non-liquid gold.’ He playfully brought attention to the ridiculousness of linking maize with a valuable metal, implying that Trump’s wordplay was almost silly. But the implications of such a claim, Oliver pointed out, could be far from amusing. He drew comparisons to examples of questionable innovation and compared Trump’s rebranding of maize to the failed effort by Lyft to rename a bus service as ‘Lyft Shuttle,’ highlighting the potential harm of such political pandering.

 Oliver’s satirical take on Trump’s grandiose language was not just for laughs. His astute analysis brought to light a larger issue-the intersection of politics, humor, and the agriculture industry. By dissecting Trump’s corn-related shenanigans, Oliver provided viewers with a humorous yet thought-provoking perspective on a seemingly ordinary subject, sparking a deeper engagement with the topic.

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