Ewan McGregor Advocates for Intimacy Coordinator Involvement in Sex Scenes with Wife

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Ewan McGregor Advocates for Intimacy Coordinator: Despite being married since 2022, Ewan McGregor highlights the significance of an intimacy coordinator being present on set, particularly during personal sequences with his wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The 52-year-old McGregor recently featured in an article for Radio Times, where he stressed the importance of this role, especially for the crew’s well-being.

His reasoning was that it is important for the group as a whole, so it is still needed. And being personal in front of a camera and nude in front of an audience is both strange and uncomfortable. Creating a safe and professional setting for actors and crew alike is the responsibility of an intimacy coordinator, which McGregor compared to that of a choreographer in a dance scene.

In addition, McGregor brought attention to his daughters, Esther and Clara, who are aspiring actors, and emphasized the role of intimacy coordinators in protecting young performers. The possible long-term effects on the careers and personal health of young performers when they are asked to go nude by powerful directors is something he is worried about.

Beloved for his work in “Star Wars,” the actor co-stars with Kate Winstead in the next drama series “A Gentleman in Moscow,” where they both play the roles of Count Alexander Rostov and Anna Urbanova, respectively. The Bolshevik Revolution of the 1920s provides the setting for the series, which follows a Russian aristocrat who is placed under house arrest.

From his 2011 appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” where he voiced his uneasiness with sex scenes, McGregor’s attitude on the subject has remained unchanged. “A Gentleman in Moscow” will still premiere on March 29 onParamount+ alongside Showtime, despite his qualms.

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