Deciphering Melania Trump’s Mysterious “Stay Tuned” Remark: Insights from Jimmy Fallon

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Deciphering Melania Trump’s Mysterious: Melania Trump’s mysterious “stay tuned” response to a question on the likelihood of her returning to campaign for her husband, Donald Trump—the contentious former president and current likely GOP nominee—was interpreted, delightfully, by Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon made fun of Melania’s remark on Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show,” claiming that she was basically telling him, “Ask me again when he’s not around.”

Fallon added to the humor by making fun of Donald Trump’s financial problems, especially since he had trouble paying the bond needed to challenge his $464 million civil fraud damages.

In a playful dig, Fallon compared Trump’s predicament to that of President Joe Biden by bringing up Trump’s inability to complete a March Madness bracket, with the implication being joked that Trump might not have the $10 required to participate in the pool.

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