Clay From ‘Love Is Blind’ Seemingly Has A New Boo — And It’s Messy

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Clay From ‘Love Is Blind: Recent events involving Clay Gravesande demonstrate that love may indeed be blind.

 Whoopee! It’s Friday! It is time to delve into the most recent pop culture drama that has been happening after a little break. The “Love Is Blind” rumor mill has some juicy gems to share. You can tell things are heating up when Mama Gravesande shows up there. Strap in!

 In March, the sixth season of “Love Is Blind” concluded on Netflix, and the series finale made quite an impression. With a vow to save her shame, Clay Gravesande abandoned Amber Desiree “AD” Smith at the altar. While there were many talks about breaking up, Smith revealed in an interview for “The Viall Files” that Gravesande was adamant about keeping the relationship going.

 Unfortunately, he broke his word, became single, and went on a social media binge that embarrassed Smith and his mother.

 Gravesande seemed to be back online a few months after the show ended, this time with model Celina Powell of OnlyFans. His mom, Margarita, was displeased. In an Instagram story, she vented her frustrations and told her son to “do better” and “surrender to Jesus.” On his Instagram story, Gravesande apologized.

 To make matters worse, Powell has a checkered history with famous people like Offset and Snoop Dogg. She reacted to Margarita’s message with Tupac’s “Hit Em Up” lyrics and posted a TikTok mouthing Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s famous comment about wanting her “eggs cracked.”

 That wasn’t the end of the drama. By sharing the “why the fuck you lyin'” meme, Gravesande implied that his relationship with Powell was never genuine. In response, Powell shared an image of AD alongside the words, “God definitely saved you sis, he’s the problem,” accompanied by a white love emoji. Gravesande and Powell have stopped following each other on Instagram.

There has been a lot of pushback because of this. As of April 2024, Gravesande’s former publicist had even tweeted that they were no longer working together. Public opinion is crystal clear: leaving a good woman and getting involved in turmoil with someone like Powell is not a good look.

 It would be wise for Gravesande to shift his attention elsewhere. Trying to be a model or TV personality might be more fruitful. Additionally, he would do well to listen to his mother’s counsel and “surrender to Jesus,” since the trajectory of this story is downward.

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