Morgan Wallen’s Ex-Fiancée Says His Arrest Has Nothing To Do With Her

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Morgan Wallen’s Ex-Fiancée Says: The recent arrest of country musician Morgan Wallen for hurling a chair off a Nashville rooftop is unrelated to KT Smith, who was Wallen’s fiancée. Some have speculated that Smith’s recent elopement with her new fiancé, Luke Scornavacco, may have been the catalyst for Wallen’s purported outburst. But Smith shot this idea down, saying the timing was just coincidence.

For Smith, there is no proof linking Wallen’s actions to her marriage announcement, as she stressed to The Daily Beast. She wished Wallen the best and said, “I cannot speak on Morgan‘s behalf, but I do pray the very best for him.” Smith prayed for Wallen’s speedy recovery and a return to his previous promising path.

Smith and Wallen’s relationship was intermittent between 2016 and 2019, and they welcomed a son, Indigo, in July 2020. Smith and Scornavacco shared the happy news of their marriage on Instagram only five days after their engagement was publicized to the world.

Early Monday morning, after his arrest on three felony counts of reckless endangerment, Wallen was freed on a bond of $15,250.

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