Miss USA Resignations Embroil Organization In ‘Toxic’ Workplace Allegations

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Miss USA Resignations Embroil Organization: A discussion regarding mental health and the treatment of pageant contestants has begun within the Miss USA Organization following the resignations of the 2023 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA winners. Due to a conflict between her own beliefs and the organization’s goals, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava resigned. Additionally, Noelia Voigt resigned, stating that she needed time to recover from mental health issues and that she worked in a toxic workplace where she was sexually harassed and ignored by management.

The toxic work climate was detailed in Voigt’s resignation letter. CEO Laylah Rose was accused of acting aggressively and ignoring Voigt’s worries about her health. According to Voigt, Rose did not do enough to stop an incidence of sexual harassment that occurred at a Christmas party. According to reports, Voigt experienced anxiety and bodily issues as a result of her interactions with the organization.

The former director of social media for the organization, Claudia Michelle, agreed with Voigt and stressed how critical it is to care for the emotional well-being of beauty pageant contestants. After Voigt resigned, other employees began coming out with stories identical to his.

Allegations of bias and incompetent leadership have dogged the Miss USA Organization for some time. There has never been a resignation by a titleholder before, therefore the actions of Voigt and Srivastava mark a major break with the organization’s past.

The resignations came as a shock to former Miss USA winners, who spoke highly of the title and its prestige. The demands placed on titleholders, however, can contribute to worsening mental health, which they did admit.

In her book “Here She Is: The Complicated Reign of the Beauty Pageant in America,” Hilary Levey Friedman discussed the mental, emotional, and physical difficulties that Miss USA contestants face. Leaders of women’s empowerment groups should put their members’ emotional and psychological well-being first, she said.

Taken together, Voigt and Srivastava’s departures have highlighted the difficulties pageant contestants encounter and the need to address mental health in the business.

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