Meghan Markle Says She ‘Hung On To’ 6 Sweet Words From Daughter Lilibet

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While in Nigeria, Meghan Markle recounted a moving story about a school visit she had with Princess Lilibet. At the Lightway Academy in Abuja, Meghan spoke about the value of accepting one’s story and discovering resilience in the face of adversity. Meghan treasured the sense that Lilibet expressed when she said she could see herself in Meghan’s eyes. Lilibet was a young princess, she said.

Despite her youth, Lilibet exemplifies the same qualities of resilience and fortitude that Meghan finds in the students. The commitment of the children’s teachers to fostering their students’ potential was something she praised.

During their visit, Meghan and Prince Harry also spoke about their children. They brought up the fact that Prince Archie, who is five years old now, is into building things, and that Lilibet loves her dance and singing lessons. This is the first visit to Nigeria by the royal couple.

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