Lizzo Walks Back ‘I Quit’ Post, Claims It Wasn’t About Music

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Lizzo Walks Back ‘I Quit’ Post : “I QUIT!” Lizzo wrote in a recent Instagram post, which she later clarified. Speculation regarding her intentions was prompted by this post, which came after her performance at a fundraiser for President Joe Biden. Lizzo first vented her irritation in the post about how she feels judged and criticised all the time, whether it’s online or in real life. She acknowledged feeling discouraged by the vitriol she encountered, but emphasised her intention to concentrate on creating music, spreading joy, and making a positive impact on the world.

In particular, Lizzo expressed her weariness of being the object of criticism from complete strangers who fail to comprehend her character and who focus solely on her looks. The profound significance of her comments “I didn’t sign up for this shit— I QUIT” has many people scratching their heads.

On Tuesday, Lizzo attempted to provide further context for her previous tweet with a video. By declaring “I quit,” she was making it clear that she was breaking free from the grip of unpleasant thoughts and feelings. She emphasised that she will not allow negativity to eclipse her enthusiasm and purpose, and she reiterated her dedication to enjoying her music and connecting with her audience.

Lizzo acknowledged that she isn’t the only one who has to fight unpleasant thoughts and feelings, and she hoped that her message would encourage others to do the same. She reaffirmed her resolve to persist in an authentic manner in spite of the challenges she faces.

In the midst of this explanation, Lizzo is dealing with legal issues, such as a case brought by former dancers on her concert tours who claim she created a hostile work environment and harassed them sexually. A former stylist who was on Lizzo’s tour has also filed a lawsuit, claiming that the singer was racist and harassed her.

Lizzo inspires others to be authentic and keep going even when things become tough, thanks to her honest expressions and ability to bounce back from setbacks.

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