Lizzo Calls Critics ‘Fatphobic’ After Met Gala Outfit Compared To Foreskin, Menstrual Cups

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Lizzo Calls Critics ‘Fatphobic: Regarding her daring style choices, Lizzo isn’t afraid to engage detractors. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter resorted to Instagram to clap back at the vitriol after being the target of mockery and memes due to her striking sculptural gown at the Met Gala.

Tuesday, Lizzo posted a video of herself on the red carpet with the rebellion captioned: “IF IM NOT IN UR BEST DRESSED UR FATPHOBIC.” In her message, she addressed the criticism she faced for her provocative outfit, which was compared to ugly things like feces, foreskin, and a menstrual cup by some.

Supporters of Lizzo rallied to her defense and voiced their approval of the artist despite the criticism. Some, nevertheless, persisted in their comments, pointing out problems with the dress’s design and the headpiece in particular.

Lizzo has been the subject of public attention before. Her three former background dancers sued her earlier this year for sexual harassment, claiming that she created an unsafe workplace and discriminated against them based on their race.

Despite the mixed reactions to Lizzo’s Met Gala outfit, the artist has shown remarkable fortitude by sticking to her guns and celebrating her individuality.

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