Lindsay Lohan Criticizes the Pressure on Mothers to Quickly Recover After Childbirth

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Lindsay Lohan Criticizes: Following the birth of her first kid, Lindsay Lohan claims she is no longer concerned with maintaining an ideal body type.

The “Irish Wish” actress reveals in a recent cover story for Bustle that she has no plans to hurry her recovery from giving birth, despite the “pressure” from society to get back to her pre-baby body.

“Everyone is now appearing quite frail. I believe that everything eventually goes back to how it was, so here we are at that point, and this, too, will pass. She said, “But it does seem like there’s pressure,” perhaps alluding to the recent uptick in the usage of diet pills in the entertainment industry.

Lohan and her husband Bader Shammas had a son, Luai, in July. They were engaged in 2020 and then tied the knot in 2021.

Lohan, who made her film debut in the 1998 film “The Parent Trap” as a child star, expressed her immense pride in her physique in an August Instagram post commemorating her postpartum journey.

I am filled with immense pride at what my body has achieved throughout the past few months of pregnancy and recovery. Embracing motherhood brings an overwhelming sense of joy,” she captioned a photo of herself wearing a sports bra and postpartum panties.

There are many famous people who share Lohan’s desire to reduce the pressures that mothers feel to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies immediately after giving birth.

A moving public service announcement (PSA) regarding postpartum body positivity was published on social media by tennis great Serena Williams last month.

Williams posted a bikini photo of herself cradling her newborn daughter Adira with the caption, “Loving yourself is essential.” The baby was born in August of last year. Throughout my life, I’ve found that I need to remind myself to love myself.

“Right now, I’m loving my imperfect physique. To think that [Adira] is sustained by milk is something I adore. She expressed her delight in discovering her body in its many forms.

She went on to say that becoming a mom was “a change,” but that the sacrifice had been worthwhile. You are loved, and that love begins with you. So, begin your week with that knowledge.

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