Kristen Stewart Gives Brief Reply To People Who Hated Her In A Jockstrap

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Kristen Stewart Gives Brief Reply: The boundary-pushing Kristen Stewart overstepped the bounds of language censorship on Monday’s “Late Show.”

Stewart delivered a passionate bleeped-out “Fuck you!” to individuals who were critical of the actor’s recent appearance in a Rolling Stone cover, where she is seen shoving her hand inside her jockstrap.

Kristen Stewart Gives Brief Reply


Colbert informed Stewart that CBS had asked him not to display the photo, which he had introduced. A single tweet from him on X, which stated, “Rolling Stone turns Kristen Stewart into a MAN to push gender ideology on its readers,” summed up the conservative reaction to it.

“So scary!” the “Love Lies Bleeding” actor joked.

According to Stewart, the picture’s “overt acknowledgment of female sexuality…. that is annoying for people who are sexist and homophobic.” Which is why the right is uncomfortable with it, as he explained to Colbert.

She bitched, “But fuck you!” and then added, “but I never will!” after a while.

The reason they are angry with you, Colbert riffed, is because of that.

To hear the Rolling Stone cover story, skip to 4:10:

Even at the Berlin Film Festival, when “Love Lies Bleeding” was shown, Stewart defended the cover shot.

Despite the backlash, the “Twilight” star has continued to rock her impeccable style. At a premiere in the US last week, she looked amazing in what was essentially a thong top and translucent tights.

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