Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look Had 1 Detail So Extreme It Made People Uncomfortable

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A lot of people were talking about how uncomfortable Kim Kardashian looked in her Met Gala gown on Monday, which caused a stir. The reality TV actress wore a John Galliano–designed, bespoke Maison Margiela Artisanal gown with a metal corset that tightened her waist substantially.


Critics and internet users alike were quick to point out how low Kardashian’s waistline was in the dress. One common criticism leveled against her image was that she upheld unrealistic ideals of beauty. Others were more worried about the pain she would have felt from the shapewear’s constriction.

There has been controversy to Kardashian’s Met Gala outfits before. She suffered with psoriatic arthritis and a psoriasis breakout in 2022 after undergoing a rigorous diet in an effort to fit into a vintage gown by Marilyn Monroe.

Celebrity, beauty standards, and public scrutiny all interact in Kardashian’s continuous fashion choices, which continue to spark controversy.

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