Kate Middleton Addresses Photo Controversy: ‘I Occasionally Experiment with Editing

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Kate Middleton Addresses Photo Controversy: Allegations surfaced that the first official photo of Kate Middleton after her January surgery had been altered, prompting a response from Kensington Palace.

Monday morning, the official account of the Prince and Princess of Wales published a statement that read, “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally dabble with retouching. To everybody who was confused by yesterday’s family photo, please accept my deepest apologies. I pray that Mother’s Day was filled with joy for all those who observed it. An initial “C” representing her entire name, Catherine, was used to sign off the communication.

George, 10, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5, are Kate’s children. On Sunday, which was Mother’s Day in the UK, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ account shared a photo of the family. Sending best greetings for Mother’s Day and expressing gratitude for all the support and well wishes over the past two months, the post went out.

After weeks of wondering where Kate was and how she was doing after she disappeared from public view, this news finally broke. Prior to her scheduled abdominal surgery on January 16, Kensington Palace had publicized it, adding that she will return to public activities after Easter.

Several international news outlets withdrew the photo after discovering digital tampering, which further added fuel to the fire of conjecture. Despite the photo being attributed to Prince William, it was supposedly shot last week in Windsor, as reported by The Associated Press.

After being released by Kensington Palace, the photo came under fire later on Sunday when the Associated Press pointed out alignment issues, specifically with Princess Charlotte’s left hand. The Associated Press subsequently removed the photo, saying it did not adhere to their photo standards.

No one knows exactly what Kate had done or why she had surgery, but her reps have said it has nothing to do with cancer.


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