Justin Bieber’s Mom Clears Up Giant Misunderstanding Over ‘Grand-Babies’ Remark

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Justin Bieber’s Mom Clears Up Giant Misunderstanding : When Justin Bieber’s son and daughter-in-law announced they were expecting a child, Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, got herself confused. “Congratulations Grandpa!” Mallette wrote enthusiastically under an Instagram photo by Hailey Bieber’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, which at first confused fans. Our grandbabies are going to be very adorable!

In a subsequent Instagram post, Mallette clarified her comment, as some fans had taken it as a sign that the Biebers were expecting twins. She clarified that she was expressing her desire for the couple to have more children in the future by using the term “grand-babies” in a broad meaning. Justin and Hailey are not having twins, according to Mallette, who did say that she wishes they were.

In two Instagram postings showcasing images from a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony and a prenatal photo shoot, the Biebers themselves revealed their pregnancy. The photos showed Justin embracing Hailey with all his love as she flaunted her growing baby belly.

The prospect of being a grandmother filled Mallette with unbridled joy, and she posted a video to Instagram to spread the news. She told the happy couple how confident she was in their ability to be great parents.

Fans and celebrities alike were overjoyed to hear that Justin and Hailey were expecting a child; their Instagram postings were inundated with congratulations and received millions of likes.

Even while Hailey had previously voiced her displeasure with the constant pregnancy rumors, she also expressed her joy at the idea of becoming a mother. The couple’s fans, friends, and family are all looking forward to following them as they become parents.

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