Joe Manganiello Says He’s Not A Fan Of How ‘True Blood’ Ended

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When it comes to the conclusion of the popular vampire series “True Blood,” Joe Manganiello isn’t happy.

“Deal or No Deal Island” host Andy Cohen expressed his disappointment that the HBO series ended in 2014, saying, “like there was a lot that was left unexplored” on his SiriusXM show this week.

Based on Charlaine Harris’s best-selling “Southern Vampire Mysteries” books, the horror series became a smashing success. In 2010, during the third season of “True Blood,” Manganiello became a cast member, portraying the role of Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf pack master known for his extreme physique.

(Manganiello said, “I thought there was so much left on the table for me”) in Tuesday’s show with Cohen. The fact is, they had no intention of having me stay on the show for more than a season. They weren’t quite ready for it when my character broke and people really adored her, even though I was signed on as a guest star for my first season.

Unfortunately for True Blood viewers, Manganiello’s character was tragically shot and died early in the seventh and final season.

According to Manganiello, his character was ultimately cut before the program ended, despite spending five years on the show. He explained that his character had to be removed so that Sookie could resolve the A and B plots with Bill and Eric.

He went on to say, “Spoiler alert: shooting me in the face was the only way to get me out of the way.”

Although Manganiello expressed his disappointment with his character’s downfall in an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, he expressed gratitude that Alcide’s greatest fear—vampires—were spared.

“It could have been demeaning,” he told the news source back in 2014. “He despises vampires so much, and then one of them kills him?!” Is it preferable to be executed by an anonymous hillbilly? I am uncertain.

Manganiello said on Cohen’s podcast that he’s “always on the lookout for like a good werewolf script.” He continued by saying that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of playing a werewolf again, but in a different character.

It seems like a lot of me was left unfulfilled. “I have some unresolved matters regarding werewolves,” he declared.

When asked what he would miss most about playing Alcide, Manganiello gushed to Variety in 2014.

Acting as a monster with a large heart is a winning combo, he told the publication during the show’s last season premiere. It seems obvious that people responded to that job because it was perfect for me at the time. That combination of attributes is so compelling that you couldn’t help but react.

You can watch all seven seasons of “True Blood” online on Max.

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