‘I QUIT’: Lizzo Makes Cryptic Announcement Following Biden Fundraiser Performance

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Lizzo Makes Cryptic Announcement: Performed at a prominent fundraiser for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign the day before, Lizzo shocked fans online by announcing that she has “QUIT” on social media. The singer took to Instagram to vent her frustration with the constant stream of negative comments made about her online and off.

Lizzo bemoaned the continual onslaught of negativity she encounters and expressed her wish to concentrate on her music and spreading joy in her post. She described being the victim of attention-seeking lies, the object of physical mockery, and the object of unjust character analysis from total strangers. After expressing her disappointment, she ended her post with a strong declaration: “I QUIT ✌🏾.”

 Lizzo Makes Cryptic Announcement


Lizzo is embroiled in a lawsuit that her former dancers have filed, accusing her of sexual harassment, but the details of her choice are still unclear. This mysterious post follows Lizzo’s prior hints that she may be taking a sabbatical from music and social media.

Notable figures like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were among those who attended her New York performance at a fundraiser, where she helped raise more than $26 million for Joe Biden’s campaign. The timing of her revelation is also remarkable. The attorney for the dancers suing Lizzo, Ron Zambrano, called the choice to have Lizzo headline the event “shameful” in light of the claims against her.

Even though she is facing legal action, Lizzo insists she is innocent and denies the allegations with all her might. A judge did toss out some of the complaint, but this month she rejected Lizzo’s motion to dismiss the whole thing. Public opinion is mixed, and legal actions are still ongoing, so the issue is far from simple.

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