How ‘Bewitched’ Star Elizabeth Montgomery Ended The Show With An Ultimatum

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How ‘Bewitched’ Star Elizabeth Montgomery Ended The Show: Author Peter Ackerman delves into the intriguing backstory of the legendary TV series “Bewitched” in his latest book, offering a glimpse into the reasons behind the show’s abrupt cancellation. Peter Ackerman had a rare vantage point on the entertainment industry’s inner workings due to his father, Harry Ackerman, who was an executive producer.

A young witch named Samantha Stephens tries to keep her magical powers hidden from her mortal husband in the 1964 debut of “Bewitched,” a story that captivates viewers. According to Ackerman, the show may have aired for an additional season if star Elizabeth Montgomery hadn’t made such a strong wish for it to end after eight outstanding seasons.

Ackerman describes a crucial discussion that took place after his father had a phone chat with Montgomery. Ackerman claims that the network wanted to keep the show going, but Montgomery wanted her soon-to-be ex-husband, director Bill Asher, fired first.


The author elaborates that a new director was being sought for the show during this time, and that Montgomery and Asher had separated. But Ackerman’s dad would not give in to Montgomery’s demand because he was too devoted to his production partner Asher to betray him.

Bill Asher is my partner, my dad told me,'” Ackerman recalls. “I refuse to treat him that way. “So, ‘Bewitched’ is done,” she exclaimed.

Montgomery kept her word and insisted that “Bewitched” be canceled in 1972, the same year that she finalized her divorce from Asher.

In her story, Ackerman reveals the power struggles and negotiations that go place behind the scenes of popular TV series. An era in television history came to a close in this case, in part because of the loyalty between partners.

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