Gwyneth Paltrow Gives A 2-Word Answer On If She Would Try Polyamory

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Gwyneth Paltrow Gives A 2-Word Answer: Not one to settle for mediocrity, Gwyneth Paltrow has proven herself over and again with daring moves like promoting vaginal steaming and releasing a vagina-scented candle that went viral. But there is a line she will not cross.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives A 2-Word Answer

Paltrow recently responded with a resolute “No thanks!” to a fan’s question regarding her position on polyamorous partnerships during a question and answer session on her Instagram story. The Oscar-winning performer reportedly told People, “Not for me but have no judgement” when asked about people who have numerous partners at once, making it plain that she doesn’t personally support the practice but doesn’t pass judgement on those who do. I prefer to keep to myself.

Paltrow has been a stepmother to Isabella and Brody Falchuk, who are the children of TV writer Brad Falchuk’s ex-wife, since she became his wife in 2018. Apple and Moses Martin were born to Paltrow and Coldplay musician Chris Martin, with whom she was famously married before her marriage to Falchuk.

During an interview with Bustle last October, Paltrow spoke highly of Falchuk, calling him her best friend and highlighting how their relationship has changed her outlook. “I love my husband so much, so that’s really shifted things for me,” added the woman. “I probably don’t walk into a room the way I used to walk into a room because of that.” Their friendship has had a profoundly good effect on Paltrow’s life, and her adoration for Falchuk is evidence of that.

In spite of her explorations into unorthodox wellness trends and products, Paltrow stays true to herself and her relationships, showcasing a dedication to being genuine and unique in all aspects of her life.

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