Gen V’ Producers Promise Not To Recast Chance Perdomo Following His Tragic Death

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The makers of “Gen V” on Prime Video have stated categorically that they will not be recasting Chance Perdomo after his tragic demise.

After Perdomo’s untimely death in a motorbike accident on March 30 at the age of 27, the producers made their choice public on Sunday through X, the former Twitter.

“Everyone at ‘Gen V’ is determined to find the best way to pay respect to Chance Perdomo’s memory as we continue to navigate the tragic loss of this talented artist,” the statement stated.

No one can ever take Chance’s place, hence we will not be recasting the part. Instead, we’ve been rewriting the plot points for season 2 in preparation for filming to begin in May.

“We will honor Chance and his legacy this season,” the proclamation continued.

“Gen V” is a spinoff of “The Boys,” and Perdomo played the role of Andre Anderson, a fan favorite. Acting out the role of a Godolkin University student with superpowers like hand-controlled magnetism and magnetic fields, he aspired to be a superhero. The Netflix horror series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” featured him as Ambrose Spellman, another of his notable roles.

The entire cast of “Gen V” issued a statement together lamenting Perdomo’s loss and paying tribute to him after his passing.

As we mourn this tragic loss, our thoughts and prayers are with Chance’s family and friends. The wonderful times we shared, his contagious grin, his comforting embraces, and his unwavering honesty will all be with us. You will be greatly missed; rest in peace, my friend,” the message read.

Following its September 2023 premiere, “Gen V” received a second season renewal in October of that year. You can see the whole pilot episode on Prime Video right now.

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