Frankie Muniz Says He Walked Off ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Set Due To ‘Rude’ People

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Frankie Muniz Says He Walked Off : Star of “Malcolm in the Middle,” Frankie Muniz, recently admitted that filming the show might be a chaotic experience at times. During an appearance on “I’m A Celebrity Australia,” Muniz revealed an untold tale about leaving the set while filming two episodes, a fact that had previously remained hidden.

According to what he said, there was a culture where people were afraid to speak up against bossy, disrespectful, or otherwise unpleasant persons. Muniz stressed the need of speaking up after becoming frustrated seeing people avoid standing up for themselves.


Muniz insisted that standing up for what he believed in was worthwhile, even when doing so could have negative effects. He said that he had some influence in making that choice due to his prominent role on the show.

Although Muniz did not reveal which episodes he left, he was listed as an actor in all 151 episodes of “Malcolm in the Middle,” appearing alongside Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek, and the rest of the core cast.

Citing the bad experiences of friends in the field, Muniz recently said in an interview that he would not let his kid become a child actress.

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