FCC Flooded with Complaints Over John Cena’s Nearly Nude Oscars Stunt

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FCC Flooded with Complaints Over John Cena’s: A deluge of complaints lodged with the Federal Communications Commission over John Cena’s provocative performance at the Academy Awards have been made public through a Freedom of Information Act request made by Rolling Stone.

Cena, who is famous for his muscular body, shocked everyone by practically baring it all while accepting the best costume design award, adding an unexpected element of excitement to the awards presentation. Cena came out onto the stage with the winner’s envelope carefully covering his privates, even though he pretended to be hesitant about making a joke about streakers.

FCC Flooded with Complaints Over John Cena’s

However, the number of complaints received by the FCC shows that not everyone thought Cena’s action was funny.

“There is no reason why an adult male should behave so badly that he can appear on national television like a streaker, molest children, and abuse them all the next day,” one outraged viewer from Newark, New Jersey, said. Still another Bluefield, West Virginia, resident yelled out, “Do your job!” and asked that someone take action. Take this scum off our televisions!

Regardless of the controversy, images taken backstage showed that Cena wore a skin-toned combination of a jock strap and a thong under her envelope to maintain her modesty. An executive from Disney said that in order to prevent any accidents, the envelope was also fastened with Velcro.

Despite the backlash, it seems like Cena’s stunt was entertaining in the end, even though not everyone liked it.

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