Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why She Turned Her Engagement Diamonds Into ‘Divorce Rings’

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Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why She Turned Her Engagement : Divorce rings are now all the rage, thanks to Emily Ratajkowski’s most recent jewelry reveal.

The famous model and author took to Instagram not long ago to reveal her latest purchases. Using the diamonds from her old engagement ring, she displayed two beautiful rings in an enthralling picture shoot.

The original two-stoned Toi et Moi ring, which was given to her by her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard following their 2018 wedding, was made by the same jeweler, Alison Lou. These rings have special meaning.

On her pinky finger sits a sparkling pear-shaped diamond, delicately set in yellow gold, and on her ring finger sits a princess-cut diamond with trapezoid side stones.


Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why She Turned Her Engagement


Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why She Turned Her Engagement



The photos were accompanied by the comment “Divorce rings,” which was a strong statement of strength, and Lou was also linked to the post.

The famous film producer Bear-McClard, whose credits include “Uncut Gems,” “Good Time,” and “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” was served with divorce papers by Emily Ratajkowski in September 2022. They have a kid named Sylvester, who is three years old, together.

Ratajkowski discussed the designs’ inspiration in an interview with Vogue, saying that she doesn’t think women should be forced to give up their diamonds just because a relationship doesn’t work out. These rings, she said, represent her development and progress as an individual.

In a September 2023 TikTok video, Ratajkowski further embraced her status as a divorcee, saying that she thinks it’s cool to be divorced before you’re 30. She discussed the “married fantasy,” pointing out the liberation she now has and dispelling its charms.

Redefining cultural boundaries and gracefully embracing her journey of self-discovery, Emily Ratajkowski is known for her daring fashion statements and her comments on divorce.

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