Embracing Emily: Emma Stone’s Candid Moment at Cannes 2024

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 At the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone had a pleasant encounter. As she was introduced by her given name, Emily, at a press conference for her forthcoming film ‘Kinds of Kindness,’ the reaction of actress Emma Stone captivated the audience.

 Coincidence? A Kazakh journalist was questioning Stone and the film’s director, Yorgos Lanthimos, about the film’s themes of kindness and empathy, when the incident happened. After hearing the reporter call Stone ‘Emily,’ Lanthimos wasted no time in correcting the journalist and calling her ‘Emma.’ ‘Hello, my name is Emily. I wanted to thank you,’ Stone smiled and interjected. Very nice.

 It’s unclear if the journalist knew that Emily is Stone’s given name or if it was a happy coincidence. The timing couldn’t have been better, as Stone’s real name, Emily, had just been in the news due to her recent interview with Nathan Fielder for their Showtime series ‘The Curse.’

 “Emily” rather than “Emma” was the name that Nathan Fielder used to address Stone a month ago in an interview for their Showtime series “The Curse.” Stone enthusiastically agreed when asked if she liked to be called by her real first name. I would really appreciate that. She mentioned that she wished she could be Emily.

 Emily Stone revealed that she went by Emma in order to get her Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card; the reason being that the union already had an actor with that name. That being said, the reason ‘Emma’ was chosen wasn’t just because it sounds a bit like ‘Emily.’ It was also influenced by her early admiration of the Spice Girls, particularly Emma Bunton, better known as Baby Spice.

 The decision to go by the name Emma was not a random choice for Stone. It was deeply rooted in her early admiration of the Spice Girls, particularly Emma Bunton, better known as Baby Spice. In a heartwarming interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2018, Stone shared, “My given name is Emily, but I always fancied the name ‘Emma’ due to Baby Spice, and I used to be quite fair-haired as a child. And you know what? Then I am,” she said, laughing. Reflecting on her second grade self, she had requested that her teacher address her as Emma, drawing inspiration from her beloved Spice Girl, Emma Bunton.

 Emma Stone’s performance at the Cannes press conference was not just charming, but also remarkably genuine. She added another layer to her public character, demonstrating her down-to-earth demeanor by embracing her real name, Emily. Her talent, honesty, and comedy never fail to captivate and engage audiences, winning over fans and journalists alike.

 The press conference for ‘Kinds of Kindness’ held in the lead-up to the 77th Cannes feature Festival gave an entertaining and touching look into the personal life of actress Emma Stone in addition to showcasing her upcoming feature. The way Stone gracefully and humorously handles these kinds of situations further cements her position as a beloved figure in Hollywood.

 The backstory of Emma Stone’s name may become increasingly meaningful to her legion of admirers as she maintains her stellar performance in films and public engagements. Fans of the actress’s work and character are won over by her transformation from Emily to Emma, a name change that was driven by her childhood role models and the demands of her career.

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