Elizabeth Hurley Feels ‘Secure’ on Set of Erotic Thriller Directed by Her Son

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Elizabeth Hurley Feels ‘Secure’: The upcoming sensual thriller “Strictly Confidential,” directed by Damian Hurley’s son, Elizabeth Hurley, recently made an appearance in which she discussed her time on set. Damian and Elizabeth have worked together before, and their swimwear line’s Instagram featured Elizabeth in skimpy bikinis, but the pair is undaunted by the backlash their most recent partnership has received.

Elizabeth addressed the issue in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, highlighting the trust and comfort she feels working alongside her son. Although she acknowledged that no one appreciates having their swimsuit taken, she said that she felt more at ease with Damian’s concern for her behind the camera. Elizabeth said she felt “liberated” after working with him on the film and dropped hints that they would collaborate again.

Damian makes his directorial debut with this picture about a lady who wants to know why her buddy committed suicide. In the thriller, Elizabeth has a major role, and the new teaser shows her having sensual scenes with co-star Pear Chiravara.

Damian has been unwavering in his defense of his unusual business partnership, which he attributes to his and his partner’s extensive history in show business. Regardless of what others think, he treats it as just another day at the office.

The upcoming April 5th release “Strictly Confidential” features an impressive cast that includes Lauren McQueen, Freddie Thorp, and Genevieve Gaunt.

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