Donald Trump Jokes About Hannibal Lecter as Potential VP in Sharp ‘SNL’ Cold Open

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Donald Trump Jokes About Hannibal:  During the frigid opening of this weekend’s season finale, “Saturday Night Live” hilariously nailed the media hysteria around Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee.

 As the former president stands trial for criminal charges, James Austin Johnson, dressed as Trump, gave a spot-on impersonation while addressing the crowd outside the Manhattan courthouse.

 “I hate going to court because they say nasty things about me while I’m trying to sleep,” he poked fun at, alluding to rumors that Trump has been nodding off throughout the proceedings.

 The presumed Republican presidential contender moved on to his prospective vice presidential selections after making humorous comments regarding the trial and the approaching November elections.

 He quipped that he had invited confident Republican leaders who had supported him in court last week to “come to court and do a little dance for me,” referring to his shortlist.

 “It’s sad that they’re not running the country,” Trump said of Johnson’s administration, adding, “instead they’re sitting in porn court hoping I’ll smile at them.”

 Representative Tim Scott (R-S.C.), played by Devon Walker, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R-S.D.), played by Heidi Gardner, made cameo appearances in the sketch. Noem appeared with a toy gun to a stuffed dog’s head, alluding to a contentious rumor about her murdering her puppy, Cricket.

 Last but not least, Trump introduced Hannibal Lecter, a fictional cannibal.

 Lecter, who Trump praised as he was wheeled out on a stretcher wearing his trademark mask and straight jacket, could only manage a frightening glare.

 Trump made a joke about how he continues to refer to the person as “late and great” even though they are not dead and are not real. I fear he would instill a sense of terror in border patrol agents.

 Juxtaposed with the “Silence of the Lambs” figure, Trump fired Lecter under Johnson’s administration, claiming that Lecter gave off “[Mike] Pence vibes,” a jab at the former Indiana governor who is now a critic of Trump.

 Promising a “Trump summer” and advertising his Trump Torahs and a seasonal January 6, the fictitious Trump ended the comedy with such promises.

 “Look at those guys at the Capitol again, only this time they’re wearing shorts!” Trump of Johnson’s camp shouted.

 “And now, before I introduce the show with its now-iconic slogan, I want you to remember: If you’re sick of hearing about my trials, all you have to do is vote for me, and they’ll all disappear,” he said.

 In the sketch, faux-Trump proposed multiple vice president candidates, but the actual politician seems to be giving serious thought to his choices.

 Regardless, Vice President Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s second-in-command, and the Trump campaign have agreed to a debate later this summer.

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