Christina Applegate Shares How She Really Felt About Her Standing Ovation At Emmys

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Christina Applegate Shares How She Really Felt About Her Standing: Even though Christina Applegate is appreciative, however…

At the January Emmys, the “Dead to Me” actress—who revealed her MS diagnosis in 2021—received a standing ovation when entering the stage.

The “Married… With Children” star was asked by Robin Roberts how she felt about the standing ovation in a sneak peek at her interview with “Good Morning America” that will air soon. The actress’s response was far from the gracious, publicist-pleasing remark that one might expect.

On January 15th, at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, host Anthony Anderson escorted Christina Applegate as she walked onstage.Pictures by Kevin Winter/Getty
“I actually kind of blacked out,” Applegate recounted, reflecting on the event. When others told me, “Oh, you were so funny,” I felt like I had no idea what I said. My actions were very illogical. I lost all sense of time because I was so terrified.

Following her first description of the ovation as “a beautiful thing” and “making her feel really beloved,” Applegate went on to express her true feelings over the event.

“And then I’ll just say it: that audience stood up for everybody,” she joked.

After a montage of Applegate’s TV work from the past aired on the Emmys stage on January 15, the audience’s reaction was, one could say, just a celebration of her lengthy career. The overwhelming response seemed laced with ableism, though, when one considers that Applegate strutted onstage with the help of a cane and Emmy host Anthony Anderson’s arm, giving the impression that she ought to be lauded as a hero for courageously navigating life with a disability and attending a performance.

Christina Applegate arrives for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2020, a year before announcing her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

A year before she announced her MS diagnosis, Christina Applegate shows up at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards.AFP/FREDERIC J. BROWN (Getty Images)
Though she seemed moved by the group’s performance at the time, Applegate later pointed out the irony with a laugh.

It means the world to me. I am astounded. She made a sarcastic remark about how you’re making fun of her disability just because she stood up. “No problem! This is not an Olympic body.

Additionally, she criticized the crowd for their incessant applause and applauding following nearly every word she uttered.

“We don’t have to applaud every time I do something,” she finally concluded.

While the audience’s response was overly sentimental, Applegate did not try to hide her current feelings about her condition during her interview with “GMA,” telling Roberts that she is still grieving the diagnosis.

“I’m not going to date it,” Applegate stated. “I’m not going to have an epiphany like, ‘This is awesome.'” I will simply inform you about it. It is simply not going to happen.

Applegate went on to say that she’s “isolating” herself since she finds it difficult to leave the house. However, she also provided a ray of optimism.

Every morning when I open my eyes, it’s there to remind me… “However, I may reach a point where I am able to perform somewhat better,” she remarked.

More video from “Good Morning America”‘s” interview with Applegate will be released during Wednesday’s broadcast.

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