Christina Applegate Says She Experienced MS Symptoms Long Before Diagnosis

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Christina Applegate has been open and honest about her experience with MS for three years now, since she went public with her diagnosis.

The Emmy-winning actor revealed on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America” that she probably had symptoms “six or seven years” before she received a formal diagnosis of the disease.

During filming, I found that I would often give in, particularly in the pilot episode of “Dead to Me” on Netflix. It would cause my leg to buckle,” she said. “Usually I just brush it off as being too exhausted, too dehydrated, or because of the weather. After that, months would pass with no developments, and I failed to pay attention. This time, though, I had to pay attention since it was so strong.

As Applegate recounted the experience of filming the 2021 season finale of “Dead to Me,” she broke down in tears. She felt a “tingling on my toes” just before production on the most recent batch of episodes started.

“I was being brought to set in a wheelchair” was her statement when filming for the series began.

“I am not capable of moving that far,” she continued. Knowing that I needed aid, I had no choice but to inform everyone. I required assistance in standing and in reaching my destination.

A persistent autoimmune disorder, multiple sclerosis (MS) hinders the body’s ability to communicate with the brain. Weakness in the limbs, slurred speech, visual impairment, exhaustion, and tremors are some of the symptoms.

Applegate has stated that Selma Blair, who co-starred with her in “Sweetest Thing” and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, encouraged her to get checked.

Really? I asked. What are the probability? A couple from the same film, are we? “Really? Two people can’t possibly experience that,” she exclaimed. “It might have turned out much worse had she not intervened.”

After coming out with her MS illness, Applegate became a vocal supporter of the MS community. Her new podcast, “MeSsy,” promises to be “vulnerable about the curveballs that life can throw,” and she and fellow “Sopranos” actor Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who also has MS, are the co-hosts.

That being said, it can be argued that Applegate has not yet accepted her condition in its entirety.

The day I wake up will never come when I think, ‘This is fantastic.’ That’s all I’m going to say,” she continued. Upon waking up, it serves as a constant reminder to me. Therefore, it will not take place. My functioning may improve, though, if I am able to reach a certain point.

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