Chris Martin applauded by ARMYs for Grammys Fashion

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BTS supporters have started applauding Chris Martin of Coldplay on his Grammys attire selection.

While celebrities and singers dressed to the nines for the Grammys, Chris Martin arrived in a more laid-back ensemble.

The artist was spotted wearing a common sweater and beanie, which seems a little out of place considering that this is the year’s largest music award presentation.

BTS supporters think Martin purposefully chose his attire to express support for the group.

Fans claimed that his unimpressive attire was proof that the Grammys are not the elite event that the music business portrays them to be.

Some people also believe that because the sweater design featured the sun, moon, and stars, it was inspired by his collaboration with BTS, My Universe.

Additionally, fans have given the eldest member of BTS, Jin, the symbol of the moon, and he also worked with Chris Martin on his solo song The Astronaut.

Others just made light of the singer’s attire by making comparisons to the other opulent outfits.

Singer Chris Martin

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