Olivia Rodrigo’s Response To Fan’s Tattoo Typo Is *Chef’s Kiss*

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Olivia Rodrigo’s Response: The singer Olivia Rodrigo recently helped out a fan who found a mistake in a tattoo of the words to her song “Hope Ur OK.” The tattoo artist mistook “butterwings” for “butterfly wings,” ruining the design that Colorado resident Grace Flemming had envisioned for her arm: “Address the letters, to the holes in my butterfly wings.”

On TikTok, Flemming revealed her tattoo gaffe and formally asked Rodrigo to revise the lyrics to correct the mistake. “Butterwings” could be the new song’s lyrics, according to Rodrigo’s comedic response to the video.

The tattoo artist offered to fix the mistake, but Flemming is thinking about keeping it anyhow because he loves the tattoo even if it’s wrong. Maybe she’ll go to another place to get the right lyrics tattooed.

It’s important to check your spelling before getting a tattoo, as Rodrigo’s lighthearted reaction to the circumstance showed.


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