Lil Nas X on His New Era and Whether He Would Launch His Own Clothing Line

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Guests at the Park Avenue Armory today observed that a sophisticated guest was unexpectedly surrounded by iPhones and cameras just before the start of the fall 2023 Coach show. Underneath all those flashes, who was there? None other than Lil Nas X would be that. 

The celebrity chose to see designer Stuart Vevers’s latest collection from the front row this season rather than walking in the Coach catwalk show last year. He appeared to be a high-profile guest because he was wearing a crimson shearling coat from the brand. Just one day before Valentine’s Day the celebrity told Vogue of his outfit, “I wanted to give a pink-red Valentine’s Day moment.” (His outfit also comprised a matching red shearling purse, a pink turtleneck, and damaged flared pants.)

The rapper gave Vogue five minutes backstage after the Vevers’s new collection of leather skirts, damaged denim, and large shearling jackets walked the runway. Find out what the celebrity thinks of the new line, what he has planned for Valentine’s Day, and (most importantly) whether he will be releasing any new songs for us soon by reading on.

What did you think of the newest Coach line, then?

Xian Lil: I adored the programme! It struck me as being incredibly cool, tranquil, flirtatious, and vibrant. All of those things appeal to me.

Which fashions caught your eye that you could see yourself wearing?

I really enjoyed the metallic yellow appearance. Additionally, the [shearling] coats were adorable. likewise all the leather.

Last year, you walked down the catwalk. Do you like to watch the show or participate in it?

It’s different since there was a lot of runway last season. In terms of setting, this one seemed more realistic. So perhaps a touch of both.

Tell me about the way you dressed for the show. My favourite. What did you hope it would provide?

I wanted to share a Valentine’s Day moment in pink and red. I’ve got a lollipop, too. In this coat, I feel so delicate and little.

What major plans do you have for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day?

Although I don’t yet have any arrangements for Valentine’s Day, I’ll have a cute temporary partner by then.

You’re performing at Governor’s Ball this summer, I just read. Can you give us any information?

Montero will go with me. It will be a big deal. You’ll adore it, albeit I can’t tell you everything.

Do you have fresh music being written for it?

Absolutely. I’m doing solid work. I’m in the process of identifying the next person in my life. I’m not dressing the same as I did in my previous era or the one before it when I go out. I’m coming to terms with that and learning to trust my own judgement.

Since you’ve worked with MSCHF and Christian Cowan, you’ve dabbled with fashion design. Do you intend to carry on in that manner in the future?

No doubt. Without a doubt, I want to launch my own line. I want to introduce something completely new to the sector. Although I’m not precisely sure what that is yet, I am confident that everyone will adore it when we arrive.

Does this imply that you’ll be appearing at any other Fashion Month shows?

Maybe you’ll see me emerge!

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