Leonardo DiCaprio Dons a New Hat: Becomes an Investor in Sustainable Luxury Watchmaker ID Genève

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Hollywood superstar and environmental advocate, Leonardo DiCaprio, is making headlines not only for his acting but also his investment in Switzerland’s pioneering luxury watch brand, ID Genève. In a groundbreaking move, the actor has become part of a $2 million seed round investment in the brand. What sets ID Genève apart is their commitment to sustainability, utilizing recycled and repurposed materials, including steel melted with solar energy and watch straps crafted from green waste.

Breaking the Mold: Celebrities Invest in Watch Brands

It’s common for luxury Swiss watch companies to enlist A-list celebrities as brand ambassadors, but it’s far rarer for these stars to become investors themselves. DiCaprio’s investment is bucking the trend, following in the footsteps of John Mayer, who invested in Hodinkee, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who became a shareholder in Chrono24. This shift in the industry is ushering in a new era where celebrities are putting their money behind their timepieces.

 A Vision of Ethical Luxury

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DiCaprio’s investment in ID Genève is a testament to the company’s mission of disrupting the luxury watch industry through ethical sourcing and recycling practices. The brand’s recent B Corp certification solidifies its commitment to environmental and social responsibility. At the core of this investment is a belief in promoting low-carbon footprint processes and creating a circular economy. DiCaprio’s support for these values underlines the increasing importance of sustainable luxury goods in the consumer market.

From Convertible Notes to an Innovative ID Lab

ID Genève’s approach to sustainability is not only making waves but also drawing interest from Swiss family offices. DiCaprio’s investment will be made through convertible notes, eventually converting to equity in two years. This strategic move aligns with ID Genève’s plans to establish the “ID Lab,” an innovation hub dedicated to advancing circular material and manufacturing technologies. The vision is to mutualize resources and foster industry-wide collaboration to accelerate the watchmaking industry’s transition to sustainability.

Join the movement that’s turning the luxury watch industry on its head. With Leonardo DiCaprio as the face of ethical luxury and ID Genève’s groundbreaking approach to sustainability, the stage is set for a transformation in the world of high-end timepieces. It’s a future where social and environmental responsibility are not just trends but core values that resonate with both investors and consumers alike.

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