Lenny Kravitz Shouts Out ‘Soulful’ Channing Tatum In A Sweet Moment

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Lenny Kravitz Shouts Out ‘Soulful: In a recent interview, Lenny Kravitz gushed about Channing Tatum, describing him as “soulful”—a praise that clearly resonates.

He showed his affection for Tatum, who is engaged to his daughter, actress Zoë Kravitz, in a preview of a future episode of “Sherri,” the rock star said.

Kravitz dubbed his future son-in-law “sweet” and stressed the close relationship they enjoy in a touching conversation about introducing the “Magic Mike” actor into the family.

Kravitz said, “We have our own relationship,” during Thursday’s full-length talk show stint. “I really like him. We have a great rapport. We converse and linger. A deeply compassionate person, he is. His upbringing was superb. His demeanor is refined and refined.

The vocalist of “Fly Away” recalled how impressed she was by Tatum’s genuineness and ease when they first met.

After being romantically linked with Zoë Kravitz since 2021, Tatum’s engagement to her was announced last October, and this praise follows suit.

The bond between his daughter and her partner “has something that’s naturally special,” as Kravitz had previously told People magazine in January. He has been vocal about his support for the couple.

Tatum showed his appreciation by going to Kravitz’s ceremony at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where he was seated next to Zoë Kravitz.

Remarkably, Zoë Kravitz will direct the upcoming thriller “Blink Twice,” in which Tatum is set to feature. The film is set to be released in August and revolves around an island event attended by a tech billionaire.

Tatum took pleasure in his fiancée’s accomplishments earlier this year when he posted an Instagram photo of her working on the set of “Blink Twice.”

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