Lauren Graham Recalls Matthew Perry’s Last Birthday Gift To Her

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Lauren Graham Recalls Matthew Perry’s Last Birthday: Matthew Perry, best known for his role in “Friends,” gave “Gilmore Girls” star Lauren Graham a set of pickleball courts for her birthday in March 2023, which happened to be the same month that he made his triumphant return to her life, as Graham recounted at her book tour stop in Washington.

Bringing up the fact that Perry enjoyed playing tennis and pickleball, Graham made the amusing observation that he had provided a card reading, “Be older.” Perry was never her “official boyfriend,” but she made it clear that he was still very much a part of her life by calling him a “almost.”

There was a pattern to their connection, according to Graham; after long periods apart, Perry would re-enter her life; his most recent comeback was a year ago. Tragically, Perry went unexpectedly in October at 54 years of age, mainly as a result of ketamine’s effects. After what seemed like an early game of pickleball, he was discovered relaxing in his hot tub.

Matt Manasse, Perry’s pickleball trainer, said that the athlete had become deeply involved in the sport and intended to use it as a means of rehabilitation.

Graham reflected on Perry’s memoir, “Friends, Lovers And The Big Terrible Thing,” and conveyed his pride in the book’s success and the good it did for others. The book recounted Perry’s difficulties with fame, drugs, and alcohol. She made note of the fact that Perry experienced a long-lost feeling of joy due to the memoir’s success.

Graham reminisced about her time working with Perry on 2008’s “Birds of America” and her cameo in Perry’s modernized version of “The Odd Couple.” She recounted instances when Perry’s comedy brought tears to her eyes, highlighting his unmatched talent for making her laugh.

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