Kevin Costner Tears Up During Standing Ovation at ‘Horizon’ Premiere in Cannes

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Kevin Costner Tears Up During Standing:  Kevin Costner, the renowned actor, was deeply moved during the global premiere of his Western epic, ‘Horizon: An American Saga,’ at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday. His emotional journey, marked by a sincere standing ovation, was a testament to the film’s significance and his dedication to the project.

 The actor, who has a hand in producing and directing the forthcoming four-part film series, was visibly moved by the enthusiastic applause and chants of the Grand Lumiere Theatre crowd. This moving scene is captured in a video that Variety released.

 As an expression of his appreciation, Costner added, “I apologize that it took you so long to clap before I realized I needed to say something.” After a hiatus from directing since 2003, he returns with this film. “Such wonderful people,” he went on to say. What a wonderful time, filled with joy for everyone involved—the performers who joined me, those who had faith in me, and those who kept pushing on. I’m delighted I stumbled into this enterprise; it’s hilarious. This is the only site like it. Neither my children nor I will ever forget this.

 The first volume of the ‘Horizon: An American Saga’ series, which premiered at Cannes, is a journey through the American West. It traces the region’s growth, settlement, and the Civil War, according to Warner Bros. With a storyline too vast for a single film, the series delves into themes of patriotism and Americana, offering a unique perspective on American history.

 Kevin Costner’s journey with ‘Horizon’ began in 1988 as a solo film. His personal commitment of over $20 million and his description of the project as his ‘biggest struggle by far’ underline his dedication. Last year, he even mortgaged a 10-acre waterfront property in California to help finance the production, which cost over $100 million.

 After the first three hours of the film were shown, Costner expressed his gratitude, mentioning that there are three more parts to the series. ‘This is just another miracle in my life; there was no reason for it to happen,’ he stated. His sincere appreciation and the value he places on the audience’s time are palpable, making the experience all the more intriguing.

 Among the actors and actresses featured in “Horizon” are Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Michael Rooker, Ella Hunt, Jena Malone, Danny Huston, and Giovanni Ribisi. The first chapter will make its theatrical premiere on June 28, while the second installment is anticipated to be released on August 16.

 Not only has Costner poured his heart and soul into this massive undertaking, but it also showcases his love of storytelling and the Western genre. The overwhelming emotional reaction at Cannes shows how much of an impact and how much anticipation there is for “Horizon: An American Saga.”

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