Kate Beckinsale Calls Out Critics For ‘Constantly’ Accusing Her Of Getting Plastic Surgery

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Recently, Kate Beckinsale spoke up about the “insidious bullying” she endured at the hands of online trolls who falsely accused her of getting plastic surgery.

An emotional Instagram post by the 50-year-old “Underworld” star addressed the rumors that have circulated about her look, specifically the claims that she has had fillers, Botox, and plastic surgery. In an interview, Beckinsale vented her anger at the persistent criticism, saying that she has been the target of such claims since the age of 30.

In spite of the allegations, Beckinsale stressed that she has never been excessively worried about getting older. She says that this outlook is based on her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks when she was a teenager and young adult, after her father died.

The English actor asked her detractors to stop critiquing her beauty and said that her shifting appearance is due to both aging and cosmetic advances. She felt forced to speak out against the bullying despite the fact that her post might not stop it.

The irony was brought to light by Beckinsale when she said that the bullies picked on her supposed fear of aging, although her main worries were about overcoming loss and anxiety about dying.

She went public with her message after sharing details of her March hospitalization on social media without explaining why she was there.

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