Frankie Muniz Shares Why He’d ‘Never’ Let His Son Become A Child Actor

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Frankie Muniz Shares: He recently spoke with the Australian outlet Pedestrian.TV about his thoughts on the unfortunate experiences that some people in the profession have had, sharing his perspective as a former “Malcolm in the Middle” star who became famous at the tender age of fourteen. In spite of his own triumphs, Muniz highlighted Hollywood’s difficulties, calling it a “ugly world in general.”

Frankie Muniz Shares Why He’d ‘Never’ Let His Son



This is in response to claims made by Drake Bell, a former child star, who spoke up about the abuse that some of the Nickelodeon child actors endured. Despite the lack of reports, Muniz is still wary about his 3-year-old son, Mauz Mosley Muniz, pursuing a career in show business due to the high rejection rate and unpredictability of the profession.

The road to fame that Muniz took, which started with her 12-year-old self in the TV movie “To Dance with Olivia” and ended with Emmy nominations and parts in films like “Big Fat Liar” and “Agent Cody Banks,” was far from smooth. He makes a point of the innumerable gifted people who go unrecognized in Hollywood and the tremendous luck required to enter into the industry.

Muniz has discovered success in a new field—professional race car driving—despite his early success in acting. As he shifts his focus to this new area of interest, Muniz is seizing the chance to follow his passion, become an inspiration to his kid, and achieve success in an industry other than Hollywood.

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