Doja Cat Has Spicy Reaction To Rumors That She Dissed Cardi B On Upcoming Track

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Doja Cat recently addressed rumors suggesting she took a jab at fellow rapper Cardi B in one of her upcoming songs. The speculation arose after a leaked snippet from her rumored song “Acknowledge Me” included lyrics that some fans interpreted as referencing Cardi B.

In the leaked snippet, Doja rapped, “You out here actin’ like you sniffin’ on some Carly Rae/ Cartier on you, but you walkin’ like you Cardi B.”

Responding to the rumors, Doja clarified on X that her new song, “DISRESPECTFUL,” is one of her top favorites from her upcoming project. When a fan asked which song she supposedly dissed Cardi B on, Doja bluntly dismissed the notion, telling the fan to “get a fuckin life.”

Doja also addressed another fan who thought the lyrics referenced rapper Coi Leray instead. She clarified that the line was about Carly Rae Jepsen, not Coi Leray.

Additionally, Doja recently called out fans who compared her natural hair texture to pubic hair after she shared the cover art for her new single “Masc.” She urged fans to stop making such comparisons and emphasized the importance of moving forward and growing as a community.

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